David Estey

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David Estey,

alumnus of Upward Bound at the Keene State College

2012- David Estey participated in the Keene State College Upward Bound (UB) Program from 1997–2001 and went on to receive his BA in Communications from Colby Sawyer College in 2005. Thanks to classes that he took in Upward Bound, his focus changed from math and science to writing and debating. This led to his work as a journalist and editor for five years after college before a recent move to the growing world of online marketing. He currently works as a Content Strategist at C-4 Analytics, an online marketing company in the Boston area. His change in employment was soon followed by his purchase of a new home.

David credits his parents with being loving and supportive, but having no idea how to prepare him for college and were often busy just getting the bills paid. He attributes his success to his education, which was fueled by his involvement in the Keene State TRIO program. Without Upward Bound, David claims that he would not have received the encouragement and support needed to pursue a college education. He credits UB staff member Susie Margraf for pushing him on a weekly basis to excel in school, and the intensive summer program for preparing him for higher education and life in a college dorm, and for broadening his horizons.