Harold Mendez

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Harold Mendez,

alumnus of Educational Talent Search at the University of New Hampshire

While at the University of New Hampshire, Harold worked all four of his undergraduate years as a work-study student for Educational Talent Search, and also spent one summer working for UNH’s Upward Bound program. Rounding out his TRIO experience at UNH, Harold was also involved with the UNH Student Support Services program. After a successful four years at UNH, Harold realized his long-time dream of attending law school when he enrolled at Temple. After receiving his Juris Doctorate, Harold worked in sports marketing, and created his own sports and entertainment company that focuses on representing Latino talent in a responsible wa=y that focuses on their long-term goals. In the years since, not only has Harold achieved many of the goals he had in high school and college, but has become an incredible resource to the Latino athletes and entertainers he represents as well as the New Hampshire TRIO community.

Harold was quoted as saying:

“Neither of my parents went to college; my mom didn't finish high school. Now I'm at UNH and plan to apply to law school. ETS is an incredible resource.”