Stephanie Osterhout

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Stephanie Osterhout,

alumnus of Upward Bound at Keene State College

2009 - Recently, while I was volunteering for an afternoon at the Keene Community Kitchen, I ran into a young volunteer wearing an “Upward Bound” t-shirt. I asked him if he was at-tending UB at Keene State. He said yes and told me how much he was enjoying the program. After that chance meeting, I asked him if he would deliver a note from me to Director, Alan Glotzer, informing him that I am alive and well and thriving in life - due in large part to my own experiences at Upward Bound.I grew up in a trailer park in Brattleboro, VT, with my 2 older brothers and a single, working class father. We never had money. Unless I put myself through college, there was no way I could go. I was always a solid student but my lack of self-confidence kept me from getting involved in many extracurricular activities, and I never really stood out. When I started Upward Bound, through a referral from the school, that all began to change. I literally came out of my shell in the midst of my new friends and constant learning activities! I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociological Communication from Keene State College. The coaching, mentoring and social experiences I received from UB prepared me for both the academic and social challenges of college.

Today I am the Human Resource Manager for a large manufacturer in Keene, NH. I have a loving husband, two beautiful children and a nice home. I am a walking testimonial to all of the great life things that come out of a program like Upward Bound. I truly believe my experience there (5 summers!) shaped my life and showed me that where you come from does not have to dictate your destiny.