Student Support Services

Student Support Services @ the University of New Hampshire

Center for Academic Resources (CFAR)

Smith Hall

Durham, NH 03824

(603) 862-3698

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Funded since: 1974

Student Served Annually: 200



Keller Magenau


Dani Adler

Associate Director

Stephanie Bernier

Program Support Assistant

Erica Brasley

STEM Support Coordinator

Kate Decker

Tutor Coordinator

Randy Schroeder

Math, Technology & Graduate Services Coordinator

Christine Zaimes

Educational Counselor and Coordinator

  • Direct scholarship assistance to low income, first generation freshman and sophomores
  • Individualized learning skills instruction
  • Content area tutoring (individualized and small group)
  • Personal and academic counseling
  • Graduate school advising and GRE preparation
  • Scholarship search assistance
  • Support services for students with disabilities
  • Facilitated study group instruction in specific courses
  • Individualized support for using computers and internet for research


  • 92% of all participants served by the project persisted from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year or graduated.
  • 91% of all participants served by the SSS project met the 2.0 GPA performance level required to stay in good academic standing at KSC.
  • 86% of participants served graduated within six years.